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Interpretation of unified communications

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For the interpretation of unified communications, there are several from the manufacturers say.

    Cisco: Unified Communications is the further development of the concept of IP-based communications, by using the SIP protocol (SessionInitiationProtocol) and including mobile solutions, to achieve harmonization and simplification of the various types of communication - from the impact of location, time or equipment. Through unified communications solutions, in accordance with the preferences at any time to communicate with each other and can use any device to communicate through any media. Unified communications we often use multiple phones and devices - as well as multiple networks (fixed, Internet, cable, satellite, mobile) - combine to achieve independent of the location of communication, and promote the integration of communications and business processes, simplifying run and increase the productivity and profits.

    Microsoft: the traditional communication system the information sent to several different types of store - the voice mail system, e-mail server, and run stand-alone fax machines - by Exchange unified messaging capabilities, various types of messages are stored in the unified system. For example, voice mail messaging into your inbox. When you open Outlook, you can see next to the e-mail voice mail, thus providing a powerful new method can more effectively collaborate. For example, you can forward a voice mail or fax. Can even take notes in a voice mail message, or search for the voice mail message. Messages will not clog your screen! And so on, I no longer examples, but in general can be understood as a variety of means of communication integration, people-oriented, that is, with that pass, that pass, now, to reduce costs and improve efficiency of its greatest strengths.

    Unified Communications solution

    Major vendors of unified communications generally are: Cisco (CISCO), Microsoft, AVAYA, Nortel, IZO, WebEx that several such as they are the international mainstream of unified communications solutions provider, many companies are using them to provide products, for a lot of help enterprises to improve efficiency and cost savings.

    I find some information on the unified communications solutions, below, we generally look.

    A video conferencing: Video conferencing for users to build a worldwide network multimedia conferencing platform, you and your customers, working partners, freed from time and geographical constraints. Through the Internet, whenever and wherever you can easily carry out a multi-party face to face "real-time communication provides you with an affordable web conferencing center.